Madeline’s Birth Story


In honor of Madeline’s 1 week birthday, I thought I would write up her birth story. From Wednesday night (Jan 25th) at around 5:30pm, very minor contractions started but they were so far apart….to finally going home on Sunday afternoon from the hospital. My contractions started to get closer and closer together at around 11pm. I was tracking them to be 5-6 minutes apart so I called my doula, Heather, to let her know that she should make her way over to the house. 

Once Heather got to my house we decided to head to the hospital. With my mom and dad in tow, I managed to handle the contractions throughout the car ride there. Note: Now looking back at these contractions, these were nowhere near the intensity of the contractions during transition aka active labor!!

We arrived at Baptist Hospital, Pensacola FL and checked in at around midnight…they offered me a wheelchair but I refused one HAHA!! When the nurses got to my room I guess they had heard about me…the one who refused a wheelchair! 

IMG_6488 An IV was required (hospital policy) so that was one of the first things I remember them doing after I got changed and put a gown on. Let me just say that I hate that I had to have an IV for fluids. The nurses couldn’t find a vein so I was poked 3 times and ended up with an IV in my hand (ouch!) – every fluid they pumped in me BURNED. It was a nice short distraction from the contractions…I’ll give them that!

 I honestly lost track of time throughout Thursday morning/afternoon…it’s all one big contraction brain fog lol! But I do remember deciding to go for a walk around the labor and delivery floor. This was after I kicked my mom and dad out of the room. Yes I did, sorry but things were getting serious and I wanted to labor the rest of the time alone in the room with my doula and my husband. Plus I was at the hospital for SO long, I felt bad for them. I wouldn’t want to see someone in pain for that long. I needed to be with the two coaches that I knew would could get me through this process. After my parents were gone I wanted to labor in the tub. Yep my room had an awesome tub in the bathroom. OMG I loved the tub! Nick even got in with me and helped with counter pressure and massaging my back. He did this certain move on my back that helped relieve pressure. I’m sure he thought the whole time “how can this feel good?” because I literally wanted him to do it EVERY TIME. 

After laboring in the tub for some time, that’s when I was laboring on the birthing ball and then moved to walk around the labor and delivery floor. I met up with my parents and updated them. I have no idea what time it was but I believe they ended up going back home to get some food and rest. I “think” this was around noon. But they had been at the hospital for probably 12 hours by now lol.

ACS_0002 Laboring over the hospital bed like this picture, was the ONLY tolerable position that I could handle. I also was able to doze off in between contractions on the top edge of the bed. Don’t ask me how…but it happened. I would have short dreams of a conversation with Nick or Heather…wake up and try to talk to them lol. I told them just to ignore me haha. I knew I wasn’t making sense. At one point we tried the peanut ball, I HATED this position. It made every contraction so intense…I could feel everything. I’m pretty sure I puked twice in this position alone. In total I remember vomiting 4 times. My doula and Nick tried to make sure I was hydrated and eating snacks like jello, ice chips and broth. I honestly had no appetite. I thought for sure I would’ve eaten some of the snacks I brought…I was wrong. Nick ate them!

I decided to go back in the tub at around 4pm ish after learning that I wasn’t progressing like my midwife wanted me too. I had been in labor for a long time already…I was getting impatient! We decided to use a breast pump while I labored in the tub to see if that would help speed up the dilation of my cervix. 5:30pm rolled around and my midwife came back to check on my progress. Disappointing news. I hadn’t progressed from 7.5 centimeters. Laboring in the tub only made my contractions further apart, about 4 minutes. UGH! 


I had to make some decisions. I was told my options….I really didn’t want to be in labor for over 30 hours. I was exhausted and hadn’t eaten anything since Wednesday night’s dinner. As much as I didn’t want pitocin to begin with, I decided that we should try it. My goal was to go natural as much as possible. No pain meds! I’m happy with my decision but I was also freaking out…how intense would the contractions be while on pitocin? Ahh who cares! I was just ready to push that baby out! Seriously. Even before getting pitocin I had the urge to push.

 By 9:45pm I was pushing. They told me I pushed for an hour…really? That was an hour? It felt like 20 mins lol. My midwife is a hardass but I like her. She was telling me to push and when my legs started to cramp and I said “I can’t” she got on me and had me push again…telling me I can do it.

After getting her out they put her on my belly and we did skin to skin and delayed the cord clamping. My husband, Nick was able to cut the cord shortly after. I could tell though that my placenta cord was pretty short – there wasn’t much leeway there. 

 I really couldn’t believe I birthed a baby and there was one right in front of me! I was also exhausted so I was just trying to relax while my midwife was tending to the placenta. When I say relax I mean breathe through the pain because there was still pain after giving birth. The placenta was a breeze but it wasn’t coming out on it’s own. So lots of uterine massages were given afterwards…UGH those sucked. Almost as bad as a contraction lol. I had one laceration that my midwife stitched up for me but she said I didn’t tear at all! 

 I don’t think Nick and I went to bed until about 3am. The recovery of giving birth is NO JOKE. My entire body – entire muscle was sore for days. Hell some of them are still sore today. All in all, it’s worth it for this precious baby girl! Madeline I love you so much ❤ My family is complete now. Thanks for reading!! ❤

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