Ever’man Cooperative Trip

IMG_1907Welcome to our Ever’man Cooperative trip! Down here in West North Florida our nearest Whole Foods is an over away over in Destin, FL. I’m admitting to y’all now that I’ve lived her since December of 2016 and I’m just now getting to visit. Don’t judge me! I had a baby and I mostly get my Organic produce from Walmart because it’s cheaper #truth. I do love to shop at Publix as well! Publix is amazing so I guess that’s why I haven’t really felt to need to shop at Ever’mans yet. Ever’mans has a membership program at $20 per year. You get certain items at a discount but not all, which I didn’t feel was a great discount program.IMG_1906Most items that I can’t find at Walmart I can surely find at Publix. With my new Holistic Nutrition classes at Energetic Health Institute, I was challenged to go to a health food store that I haven’t been to yet in order to find a healthy food (that I haven’t tried yet) to make at home. Maddie and I (my daughter pictured above) roamed the aisles and picked up a few random things. Something I suggest you DON’T do when you go shopping. Have a plan. Have a list. Anywho, we picked up some lunch to eat at their picnic tables and that what you see here. We shared a tuna salad over greens and a Kite Hill yogurt.IMG_1905This was my first time trying Kite Hill yogurt. It is made from Almonds, and honestly it’s not my favorite. I prefer coconut milk yogurts. Almond milk yogurt has a bitter taste to me.IMG_1904So this is what we got for $50 at Ever’man Cooperative. *Minus the tuna salad and Kite Hill yogurt we ate at lunch.* Like I said, RANDOM items were purchased here!! Lol I don’t recommend doing that. My overall impression of this health food store was that it’s very similar to Whole Foods. Very expensive lol. They did have a cold/hot salad bar, which explains why it was so packed during lunch. EVERYONE was there on their lunch break eating 😉IMG_1903Ok my main reason for this trip was for a homework assignment! I picked up this Organic Kabocha squash to try this weekend. I saw many Instagramers raving about this squash over the holiday season and I had never heard of it. I was very intrigued but never saw it at Walmart or Publix. This is a winter squash so maybe I got it at the end of the season?? #possiblefail

This Japanese Pumpkin is great for roasting, stuffing, pureeing and so much more! I’ve been told that it has a sweet flavor. Kabocha has a bright orange flesh which is high in antioxidants and Vitamin K (great for vision). Stay tuned for another blog post on how I cook this baby!


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