2018 Dirty Dozen

social media graphicHappy Thursday! I’m so glad you are here because today I wanted to talk about saving MONEY at the grocery store on produce. Eating clean, organic foods can be expensive BUT it pays off in the long run with regards to your overall health (less trips to the doctor’s office later). Organic produce is free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals found in conventional produce. If you want to avoid buying everything Organic and save a bit of money then you’ll find the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list every helpful. What is the Environmental Working Group? The EWG tests produce at the grocery store (among many other things for American consumers) for pesticides and other toxins. They then release a report every year on the produce that contained the most and least amount of pesticides.

The list you see pictured here are the top 12 “dirty” produce items that you will WANT to buy organic! Meaning, it’s best to purchase these in organic form to avoid large amounts of pesticides.  Why should you avoid pesticides? Pesticides were created to kill living organisms, like insects. Which when consumed, they can also be harmful to humans (especially children). Pesticides have been linked to brain and nervous system damage, cancer and hormone disruption.

Check out this video for more info! Pesticides on Produce

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