Are we Potty Training?

Are we potty training Maddie at 16 months old? Yes and no. IMG_2379.JPG

Here’s my dilemma. Maddie is a frequent tub pooper! Over the last month, I have fished and scooped up poop out of the bath tub more often than I’d like to admit. Last week I attempted to get her to poop in the toilet…and it WORKED! I kept asking her, over and over. She would try to get out of the tub (she puts one leg over the bath edge) and I took that as a sign that she needed to poop! This happened about 3 times before she actually did.

Luckily, I think I’ve scared her into fearing poop. The first few times that it did happen in the tub I screamed because she tried to touch it – rightfully so right?? Lol. So now if she does poop in the tub she gets our attention and tries to crawl out.

Now did she poop yesterday during bath time?? Nope. So this may or may not happen every night but I think this is a good start for us. Also, this allows me to scoop up less terds from bath water HAHA!

IMG_2380.JPGOur new potty training toilet is from Infant Summer. This toilet is SO cute! It even makes a “flushing” noise and has a little storage section for wipes. Maddie is a little short for this training toilet but I know she will only grow into it since we are starting early. Again, we are NOT full on potty training her at the moment but I don’t think it hurts. Plus, less poop in the tub remember!! 😉

Our new Potty book is by Leslie Patricelli. This is just something for her and I to read together while she is on the potty training toilet.

Both are on SALE right now on Amazon!

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