Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

I recently got the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox’s that I ordered from Zulily! I’m so excited because I’ve been waiting for these babies to go on sale AND I’ve also been waiting for Madeline to be of toddler age to even justify the purchase lol. I did purchase two different colors. The green kids lunch box and the purple replacement tray. The replacement tray + lid is really all you would need if I’m being honest. IMG_2432.JPGAs you can see the replacement tray comes with a clear lid and would work just fine in comparison to the actual lunch box. The lunch box is nice to have but there isn’t a handle. To keep these cold you would need a larger lunchbox + ice pack…see what I mean when I say you don’t really need the entire lunchbox?? 😉

IMG_2433.JPGHere is a picture of the green lunchbox (opened) for reference. The green tray is removable for easy cleaning and I could put the purple tray in there if the green was currently dirty. I really love the separate compartments and it makes it easy to hold all their little snacks neatly in one place.IMG_2414.JPGOk Melissa, but I want to KNOW what you are packing for Maddie’s (17 months old) snacks/lunch. Going Clockwise: Blueberries, Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, Avocado and 1/4 Ezekiel sprouted english muffin (cinnamon raisin) w/ almond butter. Blueberries are considered a choking hazard for babies (6m+) so make sure you smash them. Maddie ate about HALF of what I packed above and also ate the avocado that night with her dinner.

IMG_2431.JPGBefore heading to the Pensacola Play Place today I packed a lunch that Maddie and I both shared. I specifically packed the baby carrots for me however Maddie did take a few bites. I would slice them lengthwise a little more next time to make it easier for her to eat. Food Clockwise: Blueberries, Baby Carrots, Dried Mango and a Cheese Quesadilla. Again, we shared this lunch! Friendly reminder: Blueberries are considered a choking hazard for babies (6m+) so make sure you smash them.

Is this helpful to see?? I’ll be posting more food and snacks in these from now on to give you ideas. I’ve included links to most items if you wanted to get the same trays and snacks. ❤


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