Why I’m Obsessed – Branch Basics Review

Why I’m Obsessed with Branch Basics!!

Start Kit + Oxygen BoostY’all I am in LOVE with my Starter Kit from Branch Basics! If you follow me on Instagram Stories then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Over the weekend I was testing this line of non-toxic cleaning products on STAINS! Before I was pregnant with Maddie I was using Honest Co. cleaning products but I wasn’t THAT impressed (especially for the price). So after I had Maddie I reverted back to my old chemical filled cleaning products. Not proud but it’s true. Lot’s of my cleaning products were getting low and I decided IT WAS TIME. It blew me away with the first stain that it magically disappeared from my daughter’s pajamas. This was a BLACKBERRY stain that had set in four days prior.

Here are more reasons to love Branch Basics:

-Plant and Mineral Based

-Human Safe

-No Preservatives



-Not Tested on Animals

-Fragrance Free

-Concentrated & Powerful



The multi-use soap concentrate is what makes up all of the various different bottles that you can use in your bathroom, in your laundry, in your kitchen, on stains, on your glass windows etc. Simply follow the instructions/water and soap fill lines on each bottle. This product is sustainable (and affordable) because you can reuse all the bottles with the same concentrate. The Oxygen Boost is a MUST if you are wanting to try it on stains! The All Purpose + Oxygen Boost removed PEN out from this couch pillow!! Yes, my daughter has now discovered how to remove PEN caps and I had blue and black pen ink all over my couch pillow this weekend. But y’all, it’s completely gone with a little Branch Basics stain treatment and a wash cycle.IMG_2558 2Not only does it remove PEN but also blood stains. I don’t even know how Maddie cut her finger on Sunday but I almost lost my sh*t because the smallest cut on her finger was oozing blood all over my couch (she wasn’t even crying). Lol the universe wanted to me test this product I guess!

I’ve also used the All Purpose mixture to wash my produce this weekend. The possibilities are endless my friends. I can even for-see myself using this to wash my makeup brushes…I just have yet to do it haha! #cleanallthethings IMG_349C7E9064DF-1.jpeg

Their website and Instagram have many helpful videos that I watched before even buying! Seeing all the videos of stain removal is what definitely got me excited!

If you are still not sold on the starter kit I suggest getting the trial kit ($5) and the oxygen boost ($10). But again I hope you will want to try! I even have a $10 OFF code for you  since I am so obsessed and I know you will be too! Happy non-toxic cleaning.

This post isn’t sponsored just sharing something I fell in love with ❤

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