Answering your #1 Question – What School Do You Attend?

24068732_1523290597765680_568305162540196251_oThe most popular question I get in my inbox right now is either about Branch Basics or my Holistic Nutrition school! I already did a post about Branch Basics here (+ how you can get $10 off your first order) so today I’ll be answering all your questions about my school: Energetic Health Institute (EHI)!

First I want to point out the website for Nutrition Professionals ( – this is the place where you’ll want to go to look at schools and programs that are accredited by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Not all schools are created equal and this is where you should start your search for the PERFECT school for YOU!

Every school has something different to offer so that’s why I encourage you to do a little research before you invest your time and money into a school or program. I personally checked out 4-5 schools before I ended up deciding on EHI. I talked to numerous people through phone and email conversations. What stood out to me the most was the length and cost of each program…plus a few other pros and cons.

What I liked about EHI was…

-The cost (under $5K). Other schools were running $5-7K.

-They offered me a $1600 scholarship!

-They offered me a military discount!! Say WHAT??! No other school was offering that.

-The program is SELF-PACED. This was crucial to me because I wanted to be able to take time off when needed or be able to knock out as many assignments that I could in a week…without being on someone else’s schedule for lectures and assignments. Other programs were being marketed for a year or more (some classes on a 8 week schedule etc).

-EHI is a 501-c non-profit school.

-Tax Credits!

-EHI is 5 years old, fairly new and smaller than the other bigger schools BUT that’s what makes the tight knit community so awesome! You will never feel alone even with the everything being online. You will get the time, support and attention you deserve.

-You will not have to wait a WEEK for assignments to get graded! I did my entire Master’s degree program online back in 2010 and guess what?? Waiting on grades was the WORST thing ever.

-You will meet new students just like you on a video chat. This is something that never happened when I got my MPH online.

-EHI is accredited through NANP! That my friends should be your first check off your list. Why get certified through a school if you can’t get Board Certified in the end? PS – A Board Certification Prep Course is included with your tuition (they will make sure you pass).

-Tuition Financing Available

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You don’t need a degree to attend and you don’t have to start with the Holistic Nutrition Certification! They’re are many other classes offerings.

Ok so I think I answered most of the basic and common questions that I get but you should def apply for a Scholarship if you are interested in this school. Once you apply you will either speak with Sherri or Sandy from the welcome team. They will gladly answer any and all of your questions from there! Tell them Melissa sent you!

If you are interested in healing chronic illness or autoimmune diseases through nutrition, this is the school for you. If you are interested in non-toxic living and wellness, this is the school for you. 🙂

Any other questions for me? I am balancing many other Mom duties right now, with a special work study with EHI. I am the person running their social media so say HI!! Lol. Also, I’m taking on a few clients to help out with their marketing business needs (social media advertising and social media management). So yes if you’re busy you CAN fit this in!! Time management is key! A planner will be your best friend. Put the iPhone away and get to work 😉


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