Naturally Treating Insomnia

When I first experienced some trouble sleeping, I was 22. I was newly married, moved to Massachusetts with my husband and started a new job at a doctor’s office. This new job was STRESSFUL AF and I eventually would not be able to stop thinking about it at night. I couldn’t shut off my brain. Sometimes I’d wake up having to go to the bathroom and I’d come back to bed and toss and turn for hours. I would constantly complain to my husband about it and eventually I quit a year later. I think some of y’all will be able to relate to this because the only reason why I stayed in that toxic environment was because it paid well.

Let me tell you a lesson I learned at a young age. No job is worth all the stress and headaches! No amount of money with make a shitty job LESS shitty. To me, it’s not worth it to stay in a toxic environment like that. It will mentally affect you somehow. Any who it was back in 2010 that I started taking a low dose of Melatonin. This low dose of Melatonin worked for a very long time…until I became a mom lol.

Your third trimester of pregnancy blows because you are so uncomfortable and it’s hard to get a decent night’s sleep. I found myself staying up until 3 or 4am organizing Maddie’s baby clothes. Totally normal right?? I know this is probably a common thing to experience when you’re pregnant but for me it never went away. You’re pretty much a walking zombie when you are a first time mom. You’re constantly waking every 2-3 hours to feed your infant and even when she was sleeping…I was not! I would focus on every little breath she made, hoping she wouldn’t wake up. Once she was sleeping through the night, it was a HUGE adjustment for me. It probably took 2 weeks for me to finally sleep through the night. I call this Momsomina HA.

Now fast forward to a year later and I’ve added school, a work study and a few marketing clients to my plate! During the month of June and July I found my self tossing and turning…not falling asleep until midnight. On a bad night I would be awake until 3am – WORKING because I hate wasting time haha. I wouldn’t say that I was stressed but I did have a lot on my plate. I had all these ideas while I was lying there in bed and couldn’t not turn them OFF. Luckily, I’m a holistic nutrition student and I can practice using some supplements on myself. And that’s exactly what I did! It’s been two weeks now and I can definitely say that the added supplements that I’m using are helping A LOT. You may look/read up on my night time routine and think it’s a bit high maintenance. But y’all sleep is SO important (especially for your immune and digestive system).

IMG_2640.JPGHere is my nighttime routine:

7:30pm – Maddie’s bed time. Mommas unwind time. This is usually spent doing dishes and then scrolling Instagram lol. #honestabe

8pm – Start some work or schoolwork (depends what I have to do). I have my phone and computer (iPhone and iMac) programmed to switch to a warming tone at this time. Less blue light = better sleep. I’ll explain how to do this later.


  1. Make some herbal tea (Euphoric Herbals Sweet Slumber).
  2. 400 mg of L-Theanine (an essential amino acid that promotes relaxation)
  3. 5-10 mg of Melatonin
  4. 1 droplet of Valerian Root (I add this to my tea). Great for anxiety and stress!
  5. Start diffusing some lavender oil in bedroom. My husband is in bed by 9pm so he likes this!

Back to work!

10pm – Bed Time

I was taking Magnesium (250 mg) but I was inconsistent at taking it at night along with everything else.

How to change your settings on your iPhone and iMac (this is called “night shift”):

nightshift.pngSchedule Night Shift to turn on automatically

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Night Shift.
  2. Click the Schedule pop-up menu, then choose an option.
    • Off: Choose this if you don’t want Night Shift to come on automatically.
    • Custom: Choose this to specify the times you want Night Shift to turn on and off.
    • Sunset to Sunrise: Choose this to use Night Shift from sunset to sunrise.

For your phone or tablet:

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 9.3 or higher. Then tap on Settings > Display & Brightness. In the Display & Brightness screen, tap on the Night Shift setting. This feature alters the screen temperature of your device to a warmer color, thereby filtering out the blue light.


You can also set Night Shift to go into action specifically from Sunset to Sunrise. If you don’t see this option, return to the main Settings screen. Tap on Privacy > Location Services. Scroll to the bottom of the Location Services screen and tap on System Services. Turn on the option for “Setting Time Zone.” Return to the Night Shift settings screen and tap on the scheduled times. You’ll now see the option for Sunset to Sunrise.

No fancy Night Shift setting on your phone or computer? No worries they have these cool blue light filtering glasses now that are inexpensive. I hope all of these tips help! I also do recommend starting a breathing practice. One of the classes for my holistic nutrition certification was entirely on meditation and activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System. This is the part of your nervous system that is responsible for slowing down your heart rate, aiding in digestion and relaxing muscles. You need to “rest and digest” at night. Also, you gotta address the stress! You don’t need nor have time for that sh*t! What might be helpful is the Breathe app on the Apple Watch (I’m sure there are other meditation apps out there as well that can help guide you).  Please let me know if you give any of these a try. ❤



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