Reducing Phytic Acid

IMG_2758.JPGWhat is Phytic Acid? One of the things I learned early on in my Holistic Nutrition courses, was about reducing phytic acid! Phytic acid is a compound found in grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. Phytic acid has the ability to bind to minerals and lower nutrient absorption. Many fear grains and legumes for this reason BUT you should be doing a major thing to reduce phytic acid and it’s…SOAKING!

Soaking your legumes, seeds, grains and nuts increases the amount of minerals available for absorption. Soaking your legumes overnight and then cooking them can also make them easier to digest. Cooking grains and soybeans lowers the phytic acid by 50%! Soaking also lowers lectin content. You can also lower the lectin content by sprouting or germination. Sprouting also increases the available protein content!

Sprouting nuts and seeds = Soaking until a sprout tail appears.

Image from

I know this is where I fall short…I don’t soak my legumes long enough. Check out the recommended soaking cycles below.

Soaking Cycle 1: 12 hours. *Use filtered water and cover*

Soaking Cycle 2: 12 hours using NEW water. *This should be your minimum soak time*

Soaking Cycle 3: 12 hours + NEW water. Optimal soaking time is 36 hours for nuts, seeds, legumes or beans.

Make sure you are using a large pot or pan to soak your legumes, grains and nuts (something with a lot of surface area). They do expand and the mason jar that I used for the picture didn’t work out! Hope this helps!

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