So You Want to Work From Home? Tips on Finding THE Perfect Remote Position

Over the last 4 years, I’ve worked from home, both part-time and full-time. Currently, I work as a Digital Marketing and Advertising Consultant. I have clients of my own AND I get to set my own schedule and rates + chose clients I want to work with. What I’ve learned is that working from home is not for everyone and here’s why:

  1. You need complete discipline.
  2. You need zero distractions.
  3. You need great wifi (everyone should have this, who am I kidding? lol).

You need complete discipline because there will be no one looking over your desk/computer to make sure you’re getting your work done. Yes, this is fantastic and sounds really appealing to essentially have “no boss” but if you are reporting to someone at the end of each day, you better have proof that you were indeed completing your job tasks. Some people need that structure of an office job (and that’s OK), where they report to someone and show up every day 9-5. Those people probably aren’t comfortable working from home or having a remote job. I get totally get it if this is you. I’ve worked for a company remotely before and they were letting people go because work wasn’t getting done each day.

When working from home you can get easily distracted, which is exactly why my daughter is in daycare full time. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to her if I couldn’t give her my full attention when she is present. When considering a full-time remote job, you should also consider that your child/toddler/baby could hinder you from completing your work. I know that may sound kinda harsh, but think about the amount of free time you have with a newborn (hardly any)! That baby needs YOU. It’s understandable if you have complete freedom of your schedule and maybe your tasks don’t take the full “8 hours” each day – so your situation/experience could be completely different from mine. If you have your kiddo/kiddos home with you all day and you are looking to have a part-time position, working remotely would be the perfect solution for you!

You will need great wifi. I say this only because I had to cancel AT&T earlier this year because in my line of work (digital marketing and advertising), uploading large videos files was nearly impossible with my internet upload speed. Sooooo since I switched, all is right in the world and I no longer have to head to a local coffee shop just to upload videos into Facebook Ads Manager.

As a military spouse who moves every 4 years, working remotely is IDEAL. If you’re a military spouse then you know how much you end up sacrificing your job/career when you have to move so frequently. I will say that I’ve done the whole MLM/direct selling thing and it turned out that it just wasn’t for me. I totally get that when you ladies say that you want to work from home, but you don’t want to sell anything or join an MLM. And trust me you are selling something at the end of the day when you become apart of a network marketing company. Yes you “share” your experience, blah blah blah but at the end of the day, you need to sell prospects into joining you or buying from you. I get it, that’s not for everyone either – been there, done that.

Ok if you are still with me and have still decided that the remote job thing is ideal for you let’s dive in shall we?? I’ve compiled a list of websites that I personally have used in my own remote job hunt: – Find your industry or look for jobs in relation to your experience. – Find your industry or look for jobs in relation to your experience.  – In the where section enter in “remote”. – Find your industry or look for jobs in relation to your experience. – In the location section enter in “remote”. – Find your industry or look for jobs in relation to your experience.  &  – I’m honestly not a huge fan of these two websites, only because people are looking for someone to do jobs for CHEAP and they tend to go with people outside of the US. Lots of graphic designers, web builders, etc. are on these two websites looking for freelance projects. – Free resume help for military spouses!


Go to and create an account! You are going to use this powerful tool to design your resume and make it stand out! I honestly believe this increases your resume of getting seen by 50%. Yes, I know that some companies are looking for keywords but there are also some companies still filtering through resumes manually. When your resume comes up, yours will stand out because you’ve put some time into the design. If you need help designing yours you can definitely reach out to me. I can help you revamp your resume and reword your job descriptions.

No luck finding a job on any of the sites I listed above? I would consider becoming a Virtual Assistant. Many entrepreneurs and online businesses are in NEED of a Virtual Assistant. In fact, I have one! Lots of VA’s tend to help with social media management, ad management, accounting, payroll, data entry, and so much more! Don’t have experience in VA duties but you want to do it? You should consider buying training online to learn more about this in demand job.

I’m not affiliated AT ALL with these courses but they were shared in an online Facebook group for people asking about becoming a VA/building a VA business:

I have personally bought online trainings from If there is a topic I’m not familiar with that can only enhance my skills for my business, I look at Udemy for resources and training. This is a great website and the courses are fairly inexpensive, just make sure to read the reviews for each course you’re considering buying.

Happy job hunting! I really do hope this helps you! Please reach out or drop your questions/comments below.

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