Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

Our old mattress – Bleh.

It’s been a good two weeks since we received our Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze Mattress and I finally have a review for you!

The first few nights…my honest thoughts were “ehh I slept ok, nothing too different”, but I wanted to give it a fair shot since we have a full 90 days to give the mattress a try. It’s been two weeks and it’s SO comfortable now. I believe the mattress just had to conform to my body.

I find myself sitting on the bed and not wanting to get up because it’s just so comfy. We have the soft mattress. Originally before receiving the mattress my husband was seriously regretting not ordering the medium. His thoughts were that it would probably be TOO soft for his liking. He was wrong and he loves it HAHA.

I will say that the Pro-Breeze isn’t any cooler for me personally. I don’t wake up sweating or anything like that but I think we could’ve just ordered the regular mattress versus the Tempur-Breeze line. I still sleep with a fan like normal hehe. I had to remove our comforter last night BUT it is also Summer time weather here in Georgia.

I think it’s also time to switch out our comforter to something lighter – it’s time y’all! It’s not going to get any cooler here in the south. However, if you ask me the weather here in Savannah is a lot cooler than New Orleans and Pensacola. This morning it was 64 F degrees so that says a lot for the month of May!

Any who I hope y’all appreciated this honest review of our Tempur-Pedic mattress. I do think it’s the best investment since we spend the majority of our lives sleeping (time wise), we might as well have a really great mattress to sleep on! PS – Our original mattress is about 11 years old so it was TIME. đŸ™‚

PPS – Do NOT order from Ashley’s Furniture! I repeat. Do NOT order from Ashley’s. They are the worst when it comes to customer service. We tried to follow up on our order numerous times and they never got back to us. We always had to call THEM. They told me someone would call me the day before the mattress was supposed to be delivered to schedule a time. That was a lie. I got a call 10 mins before they arrived the day of…I just happened to be home and didn’t have any work meetings scheduled. So noted for next time I rather deal with a mom and pop reseller (for furniture or mattresses).

Our new mattress + toddler handprints

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