Vegan Matcha Pancake Muffins

Matcha Powder is all the rage these days with food bloggers! Here's why you should try matcha: -Packed with antioxidants -Boosts metabolism -Detoxifies naturally -Rich in fiber, chlorophyll & vitamins -Helps concentration -Vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc & magnesium -Great for lowering cholesterol & blood sugar Culinary grade matcha (make sure it's from Japan) is… Continue reading Vegan Matcha Pancake Muffins

Fast Food Experiment – 39 Days Later

For a school homework assignment in June, we had to purchase a fast food burger from anywhere that we wanted. The goal? Wait 30 days to see if there was any change. Lot's of my social media followers though I was going to EAT it...NOPE! The goal here was to see if there was any… Continue reading Fast Food Experiment – 39 Days Later

My Delayed Food Allergy Test (IgG) Results

Recently I was sent a Delayed Food Allergy Kit from my school, Energetic Health Institute! This kit was sent from Alletess Labs as part of my tuition/education for my Holistic Nutritionist Certification. There were no symptoms (or any that I could particularly pinpoint) prior to getting my blood drawn.  I have in the past dealt… Continue reading My Delayed Food Allergy Test (IgG) Results