Vegan Matcha Pancake Muffins

Matcha Powder is all the rage these days with food bloggers! Here's why you should try matcha: -Packed with antioxidants -Boosts metabolism -Detoxifies naturally -Rich in fiber, chlorophyll & vitamins -Helps concentration -Vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc & magnesium -Great for lowering cholesterol & blood sugar Culinary grade matcha (make sure it's from Japan) is… Continue reading Vegan Matcha Pancake Muffins

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

I recently got the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox's that I ordered from Zulily! I'm so excited because I've been waiting for these babies to go on sale AND I've also been waiting for Madeline to be of toddler age to even justify the purchase lol. I did purchase two different colors. The green kids lunch box… Continue reading Bentgo Kids Lunchbox